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Naos has developers with several years experience in various languages including C and C++, Perl, and Java. Our developers have produced a diverse range of utilities and applications including database-backed websites, system automation tools, and major applications for the X Windowing System. We have done low level systems programming in C and C++, and high level application programming in languages like Progress.

Our main development platform is Linux and Unix systems. But here at Naos we believe in portability, and aim to write our software so that it can be easily moved from one platform to another.

We also believe in Open Source, and have contributed to several open source projects over the years. We always write our software as if the source will be open to all, and deliver the source code to our programs to our client, enabling them to tweak it to their liking. (Of course we're all too happy to help with tweaking the software as well!)


Here at Naos we have been using Unix since 1989, and Linux since before it became The Next Big Thing (tm). We started with Slackware Linux on Linux 1.2 kernels in early 1996, and have been using Linux for various server functions ever since. In early 1999 we made Linux our primary workstation platform and use it for almost all our development work.

Naos can set up PCs with Linux to act as Internet servers delivering mail, web pages, and news. We can also set up gateway systems to the Internet, and internal file servers. Through the magic of Samba a Linux file server can integrate nearly seamlessly into a Windows-based network.

We also offer support services for general unix system administration (on BSD-based and SYSV-based unixes), and network administration. Much of our work has been in Internet servers, but we're happy to support other servers as well.


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