Over the last two decades, Naos Computer Consulting as worked on projects all over the DevOps spectrum, including networking and network security (sometimes called Network DevOps or DevSecOps).

Our work depends on what our client needs, but most projects have been IP Networking / Network Security related, Linux Systems related, or backend Systems Programing related. Typically we aim to hand over the project to client staff for on going maintenance, so we are guided by client knowledge when recommending the best technology choices for a project.

We have done "green fields" designs, and "brown fields" uplift migrations of existing systems, as well as design reviews of client internal designs where they want a second pair of eyes over the design before implementation. Where required we have also done post-incident failure analysis of older designs and recommended improvements to avoid the same failures reoccurring.

Networking technology areas

  • Networking Automation: especially with Ansible, Python, and tools like RANCID

  • Network Security: especially Linux firewalls (eg, Shorewall), OpenBSD "pf", Juniper SRX, and Fortigate firewalls

  • Network Authentication: using protocols like RADIUS, TACACS, OAuth / OIDC, and FreeIPA (similar to Active Directory, but for Linux; also known as RedHat IdM)

  • Network Design and Implementation: including for hosting providers, mid-size enterprise campus/wan networks, and data collection networks, using products like Dell OS10 (S series) and OS6 (N series) switches, Juniper EX switches/MX routers, and Mikrotik routers

  • Network Support Services: core network services like DNS and DHCP, and logging (eg, Syslog), particularly including automation of these services

Linux Systems / Development technology areas

  • Linux Systems Automation: particularly Ansible and Salt Stack, using Debian Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and RedHat Enterprise Linux.

  • Systems Programming: backend software service development and data transformation automation, particularly in Python, Perl, and C, including AWS Lambdas other backend web services

  • Databases: particularly PostgreSQL design and optimisation, and other similar SQL databases

  • Virtualisation: deploying and automating virtualisation environments such as Linux KVM/ libvirt, VMware vSphere, and deploying into cloud environments like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure

  • Systems Performance Analysis: especially for network services, database backed services, and other data processing tasks