Since 2000, Naos Ltd has supported clients on three continents and two islands (of Aotearoa, New Zealand), from a base in Wellington, New Zealand. We have worked remotely, over the Internet, for clients since the 1990s.

Over the past two decades we have designed and implemented hosting provider networks, enterprise and ISP wide area networks, and enterprise campus networks. We have written software to automate Linux systems installation, document archiving, utility service billing, and web software backend services. See our Technology page for some of the technology we have worked with over the last decade.

We have planned and help implement technology migrations of services with minimal downtime (particularly services where 24x7 uptime is a key requirement), including helping clients plan to relocate racks of equipment across the city to new buildings, and in one case to a different city within 24 hours.

Naos works with both small technology focused businesses, and with the technology teams of medium sized businesses. We can provide additional skills that your team only needs infrequently, either for specific projects or on a recurring basis. Or we can supplement the skills of your internal team during periods of higher workload, and help upskill your internal team to automate the tasks and get back to their BAU work.

We can advise on IT technology choices, especially around networking and Linux/Unix systems, design systems from scratch, plan migrations from existing systems, review vendor proposals and recommend solutions, and provide third party failure reanalysis of IT system failures.

Please get in contact if we can help you. With 20 years of experience with remote collaboration over the Internet, we normally work 100% remotely.