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Naos is a computer consulting company based in Wellington, New Zealand. We provide Unix and Linux system administration services, and programming services in several languages including C, C++, Perl and Java.

Naos staff have over a decade of experience with the Internet as users, programmers, system administrators and network administrators. Development and support of Internet and Intranet systems is a major part of our business.

Why the name?

The name "naos" was discovered quite by accident while looking for another word in a dictionary. It is the Greek word for "the inner sanctum of a temple." At Naos we like having a short name because it is easy to remember, and quick to type. We also like the association with "inner sanctums" as we find many things require deep understanding of the inner secrets to get working, and often many otherwise seemingly pointless rituals.

One of our directors also ran a BBS in the early-mid 1990s with the same name. Those in the Wellington BBS scene, or on FidoNet, with good memories may remember the BBS. The BBS might be gone, but the name lives on.


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